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Cashless Vending Solutions

Cashless Vending Solutions

The card-based system being introduced here works like a debit card or a cash card. Choosing Cashless Vending Solutions as an option at most of the business points such as Shopping mall, Multiplexes and Food Courts etc. is a wise and effective decision. Cashless Vending Solutions help make cash transaction control simpler, effective and centralized. Outlets (terminals) work in a networked mode providing online transaction and balance update against each of the cards. All deposits and withdrawals (including purchase and cash withdrawal) are online updated to the Server located inside Company premises. The server will have Internet access in order to allow administration personnel to observe transactions/ reports remotely as and when needed.

Benefits of CVS
Quite simply, the Option cashless Card system operates when it comes to paying for food, drinks and any other services. Features and benefits of our systems include :
  • Improved reliability through Cash Card (no coins or incorrect change)
  • Reduction of administration costs and improved staff safety by minimizing cash held on each terminal (outlet)
  • Faster and more convenient method of payment through card system
  • Provides comprehensive financial control through highly accurate accounting trails for your sale outlets
  • Reduction in queuing time, that improves sales
  • Centralizes complete cash transactions at a single location.
  • Provides Live (online) reporting on cash collection and sales
  • Restricts reports as defined by the management
  • Cash Card validation feature (adds to your regular savings) NK Infomatics is committed to quality services ensuring 99. 9%uptime by using high configuration reliable hardware infrastructure, associated accessories and application software. This, in fact, allows customer a kind of one--‐window service.

Magnetic Stripe Card Technology
This is the technology being used since last few decades by credit card, debit card and other financial purposes. Development of Smart Card system has started capturing the market these days and hence, the use of this technology is getting reduced subsequently. The deployment of this system requires the following in addition to an existing wired /wireless network with a PC Server :
  • Magnetic Strip Cards
  • Card Reader
  • Host Computer
  • Printer
  • Application Software

The Process
The new way of cashless vending works in the most efficient manner. Customer will have to buy a card (pre--‐printed both sides 4--‐color print, encoded & embossed) and recharge. Card cost will be debited instantly to the card account and balance amount will be credited. Each of the cards will have a validity period associated below :
  • Validity of a card will expire in x (number) months from the last date of transaction
  • Expired card will not be accepted at outlets (withdraw, Sales Counters) unless it is re--‐validated again by recharging the card.
  • Card balance will be carried over only if the last date of transaction is less than x (number) months’ time. Transaction process is divided into two different major categories from Customers’ perspective:

Each customer visiting the site for any services will pay cash and buy a card nearby the entry point(s). Depending upon the crowd, the number of counters can be added / reduced. Any cash withdraw transaction will also be taken care at this counter as needed.

Customer who may like to withdraw balance cash or some cash available in his/her card will have to approach the “Deposit “counter Customers will buy any services / products using the card depending upon the balance he/ she has in his/her card.

Application Software Features
Web-based robust application will be provided that handles the process seamlessly. The application needs to be simple and user-friendly to save time and encourages users to keep working.

Application Software Licensing
The application runs on limited number of stations (terminals) depending upon the license as per Service Level Agreement (SLA). Stations can be added by paying per terminal basis additional licensing fee as and when required.

User Modules
  • Card Issue Maintenance (Cash Collection and Withdrawal)
  • Inventory Management
  • Sales Outlet Maintenance (Sales Counter, Parking etc.)
  • Query & Report

Admin Modules
  • User Maintenance (Login name, ID, Licensing etc.)
  • Station Terminal Maintenance (Terminal ID, Name, Location etc.)
  • Card Management (Card ID, Issue, Refundable Cost Validity etc.)
  • Customer Database Management
  • Loyalty Management
  • Privileged Membership Management
  • Credit Point Management
  • Query & Report
  • MIS Report
  • Data Purging

Note : Several clients have appreciated this card system as it allows good amount of money to stay with you in advance that are balance in each of the cardholders’ cards. The cardholder likes to retain balances in card in order avoid recharging many times.

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